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Bio Diversity

RCE Rhine-Meuse
Who we Are and what we Do
is being re-defined after first 10 years of succesful operations.
The information on this site will be updated and expanded again over Summer 2016

Create Regional
Learning Cooperatives

The RCE Rhine-Meuse is a "Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)". One of 148 RCEs worldwide acknowledged by United Nations University IAS.
It's mission is to bring together people and organisation cross regional society in order to bring them in learning processes leading towards a more sustainable world.

Study, Define and
Operate ESD

Together with the other RCEs and a large network of experts from Industry, Universities, Education, Governmental bodies and NGO's, the RCE Rhine-Meuse studies the essentials of ESD and sees to the way ESD can be brought to practice. RCE Rhine-Meuse thereby focusses on the development and implementation of ESD in regular education.

Contribute to a local-to-global
learning space

Learning and working towards a more sustainable ecology and society, is most relevant and effective on the local, regional, scale. Parallel to that it is essential to think from the global perspective. Thereto the RCE Rhine-Meuse is a part of a local-to-global learning space, formed by the global RCE Community and various regions operating in another organisational context or atonomous.
email: office@rcerm.eu